Sunday, 16 August 2009

Terry the Terrible


“He is Chelsea”. Strong words from the recently appointed head coach at Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti, who has expressed an enduring admiration for the Blues skipper and considers John Terry an integral part of the squad that faces the mammoth task of finally bringing the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge. So why does the totemic centre-back who draws a level of respect and admiration at Chelsea Football Club that would have embarrassed gladiators at the Coliseum appear to seek pastures new? It is completely understandable that a measly weekly wage of £130,000 is blatantly peanuts for a player whose primary roles are to bulldoze opponents, win aerial challenges and frequently lambaste his team-mates. As a result, Terry feels his services merit considerably more than the £150,000 pocketed by Chelsea’s current highest earner, Frank Lampard, hence the somewhat obscene £200,000 reportedly offered by the connoisseurs of world football that are Manchester City. Eastlands manager Mark Hughes believes Terry has become “stale” at Stamford Bridge and needs a new challenge, a “challenge” which Hughes has already cited to woo the aficionados of Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor and Gareth Barry to the City of Manchester Stadium. It is no secret that Man City desperately need a Captain Fantastic figure around which a new squad can be constructed.

However for £200k a week, one would expect Terry to eradicate world poverty and possess the power of flight while single-handedly guiding Manchester City to Premiership glory. Terry may well be a natural, great, in-built leader but so are Prince Charles, Liam Gallagher and Father Ted. Many pundits lament Terry as being the last of a dying breed of faithful, no-nonsense, blood-on-the-shirt centre-halves to captain club and country, but compared to Bobby Moore or Terry Butcher, he looks like Gok Wan.

There is little doubt that John Terry wears his heart on his sleeve, but this particular sleeve will belong to the club who are willingly capable of paying far beyond the odds. The only thing Terry displays undying loyalty to is his wage packet.

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